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Engineering Services

BETA is an ISO 9001-2008 certified multi-disciplinary engineering and construction firm with 5 satellite stations over key regions of Ethiopia and operating for more than 20 years with an average annual turnover of over 10 million Birr.

BETA's engineering and construction services have increased considerably overtime and it now provides diversified solutions in the following areas: • Maintenance services to oil companies in the country • Renewable Energy; • Supply and installation of generators, UPS and other related equipment • Provision of electro-mechanical services to organizations • Industrial installations and supply • Rural electrification • Commercial and Heavy Civil Construction • Consultancy and Management Services • Automated Parking Systems • Logistical Support to foreign firms • Road Safety, Quality and Traffic Management View Our Works

Renewable Energy

BETA is a pioneer firm in the Solar Energy business. BETA has been marketing solar energy products throughout Ethiopia for the past 20 years. It has supplied, installed and provided after sales support of solar systems such as PV systems, solar refrigerators, solar lanterns and solar heaters for various organizations and households. Beta also produces Bio-gas and Bio-fuel as part of its renewable group.

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Industrial Engineering

BETA is at the forefront of installation, supply and maintenance of generators, UPS and various electro-mechanical equipment. Beta works with reputable manufacturers/suppliers of equipment and spare parts in Generator and UPS Business including Genelec and Germanos for generators and Meissner Power Systems for UPS.

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Electrical / Electronics Engineering

Since its establishment over 20 years ago, BETA has been involved in rural electrification (grid extension and off grid work). BETA`s initiative and undertaking in off grid work – through erection of generators enabled various towns and regions in Ethiopia to provide access to electricity. This service was instrumental in forging the subsequent cooperation of engagement with EEPCO.

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Mechanical Engineering

BETA is the first private company that has been engaged in the supply, installation and maintenance of equipment required for the services of oil companies and various organizations. It maintains and supplies fuel pumps, dispensing equipments, servicing air conditioner, air compressor, boilers, genrator sets, chillers, electric motors, fire alarm, X-ray machine, security camera and UPS back-up systems.

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Civil Engineering and Construction

Over the years, BETA has steadily been building its engineering and construction capacity. It has upgraded its license to General Construction Contractor Grade 5(GC 5) level and General Electrical Contractor Grade 4 (EC 4) level. Currently, BETA is involved in the design and construction of commercial and heavy civil construction and automated parking system.

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Consultancy & Project Management

BETA has been involved in industrial consultancy in energy management, power factor correction, power protection sector that includes selection, sizing, sourcing of power protection equipment, solar systems and other related areas. In addition, BETA provides engineering and construction consultancy in infrastructure asset management, traffic and safety management, data collection and information system.

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