BETA is an ISO 9001-2008 certified multi-disciplinary engineering and construction firm with 5 satelite stations over key regions of Ethiopia.

Beta has been in operation in the solar business since the establishment of the company. Beta installs, maintains and provides support for Solar Home System, Solar Backup Systems, Solar Grid Connected system and Solar Traffic Safety Systems. BETA works in collaboration with reputable manufacturers/suppliers for supply of equipment and spare parts including Sundaya and Dulas. Beta also provides consulting services in design, production and application of Bio-gas with its subsidary firm, Atrif Alternative Energy Plc. and partner, (B) Energy. In addition, Beta is in the process of producing Bio-fuel as part of its sustainable energy services.

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Solar System Installation

BETA installs, maintains and provides support of solar systems. These solar system installations range from 50W - 120W solar panels to solar water heater and solar powered radio that are suitable for homes, offices and factories. These systems are also suited for remote areas where there is no electricity. Beta has installed solar systems over 10,000 households throughout the country which have been beneficiaries of the systems. Solar systems have also been successfully installed in multiple organizations including Save the Children, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Hope Ethiopia, CRDA and Menschen for Menschen.

Bio-gas Production

Beta offers an innovative venture of clean energy that can boost the agricultural productivity and the life of the rural community through the production of Bio-gas from livestock manure as an alternative, affordable and sustainable source. Beta provides optimal design and cost effective construction of above-ground digesters which is lifecycle-based and business-oriented to overcome energy poverty and improve crop productivity and farmers’ income.

Bio-fuel Production

Beta is in the process of producing Bio-fuel from non-edible oils such as Jatropha and Camelina seeds. Presently, Beta has successfully planted Jatropha and Camelina seeds in a 10 hectares agricultural land located in the SNNPR region. It is now finalizing the installation of an oil extraction machine and is in the technology selection stage to convert the extracted oil to fuel.


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