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Started as a service provider, Beta has tremendous amount of work experience in the electrical/electronic engineering field. Beta maintains and assembles electronic components, repairs and upgrades electrical controls, identifies and diagnoses electro-mechanical systems, installs power supply wiring and conduit for newly installed machines and production equipment, calibrates and adjusts electronic equipment, distributes and transmits electrical lines and power cables. Beta also manufactures circuit boards and provides service to various electro-mechanical equipment.

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Grid Extension/Grid Network

BETA carries out various distribution and transmission of electrical network in the medium and low voltage ranges. Prior Rural Electrification works for EEPCO and rural communities include: 700 km of 33/15 KV; 100 X 33/0.4 transformers (50-630 KVA); 100 X 15/0.4 transformers (50-630 KVA) in the various regions of Ethiopia.

Beta has worked on turnkey projects like rural electrification in Gamo Goffa zone and Dara Malo (Uba Debre Tsehay, Gelila and Kamba Woreda), Addis Ababa, Afar, Oromia, and towns like Haru, Ankober, Amaro Kele, Adyarkay, Basketo, Bule, Bulki. in partnership with ETDE, an international contractor on Ethiopia Djibouti Power Interconnection Project (electrification of border towns) that involves the construction of about 150 km of Medium Voltage distribution lines and about 35 km of Low Voltage Networks, Urban Distribution Rehabilitation and Expansion Project In Addis Ababa and local contractors.

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Electronic Equipment Maintenance/Circuit - Digital Board Manufacturing

BETA provides equipment maintenance of various electrical and mechanical machineries ranging for business or household electronics ranging from computers and networking systems to televisions, refrigerator, and motors. BETA also provides maintenance to the industrial machineries and equipment and after sale support of supplies to its clients and/or customers. In addition, Beta develops and manufactures circuis and digital boards, electrical distribution boards in its workshop.

Beta has specialized technicians and a full-scale workshop with instruments including Diagnostic Test Equipment, oscilloscopes, meters, and other devices to test, calibrate, monitor, troubleshoot electronic systems; install and inspect new equipment; evaluate performances; maintain and repair various equipment which can be analog or digital, circuits, boards and related components used in electronic communications systems, computers, power systems, and remote control.

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