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Beta works on various factory equipment and industrial machineries such as conveying systems, air conditioning, distribution boards, fire detection, production machinery, and packaging equipment. It installs, dismantles, repairs, reassembles, and moves machinery in factories, power plants, and construction sites along with provision of mechanical works, maintenance and repair services.

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Installation of Air Conditioning/Refrigerator/Switch Gear

BETA supplies, installs, tests, trains and commissions a wide range of industrial equipment including air conditioners, distribution boards, factory and office lighting system, compound lighting and cabling of factories, fire detection and alarm systems, remote controls, power and electrical lines, frequency inverter, ironing machine, laundry machines, refrigeration units, base and mobile radios and electrical low voltage switch gears.

Previously, Beta has installed, tested, supplied and commissioned a wide range of its equipment to multiple organizations including the Ethiopian Mine Actions Office (UNDP), National Tobacco Enterprise (Eth.) S.C, Building Design Enterprise, Cure Ethiopia Children`s Hospital, World Vision Ethiopia, Concern Ethiopia, Kadisco Chemical Industry Plc and Beer garden Inn.

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Installation & Supply of Generators/UPS

Working with reputable manufacturers of UPS systems, BETA supplies Off-line, Line Interactive & High Quality on-line type UPSs covering a wide power range. Beta spplies, installs, maintains and provides after-sale support of generating sets of up to 500 KVA and UPS of up to 80 KVA.

Beta has undertaken numerous installation of generators and UPS systems for a number of organizations including Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation, Shell, GTZ, Construction Design S.C., EEPCO, Ethiopian Television and Radio Enterprise. Beta has received numerous certifications and appreciations for the successful completion of its industrial projects according to specifications and contract and on-time delivery in meeting clients need.

Communication Systems

BETA also supplies, installs, tests, trains and commissions various communication systems including remote controls, mailing or postal systems, base and mobile radios from its well known manufacturers and suppliers like KENWOOD Radio and Pitney Bowes. Beta has installed communication systems to organizations such as Debremarkos Education Media Center and Building Design Enterprise.


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