Consultancy & Management

Beta brings functional and technical expertise to the table.

Beta serves its clients through professional advice, design, management and support through a systematic approach, provision of innovative and alternative solutions, optimization techniques, digital and advanced data collection scheme, business intelligence and analytic tools. Beta’s expertise range from traffic and asset management to industrial management and information management systems. Beta also provides logistical support to foreign engineering and construction firms.

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Traffic Management

BETA provides services in increasing public safety, quality of construction work and managing traffic through implementation of technologies, data collection, and utilization of traffic management systems. BETA is currently in the process of manufacturing solar-powered traffic lights and digital sign board systems.

Asset Management

BETA is introducing a new division that assists road authorities and agencies in developing a sustainable and integrated assets through interdisciplinary strategy, optimization techniques, and policy-making through the lifecycle of an asset. It involves analyzing user requirements, tailoring processes and guidelines, implementing best practices and technological advancements along with capacity building.

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Professional Consultation

Industrial Management

BETA has provided consultancy services icnluding Ethiopian Djibouti Interconnection Project – Electrification of Border Towns in association with RSW ( a Canadian company); Electricity Transmission System Improvement in association with AECOM (from USA); Solar Service Center in association with Sundaya East Africa; Inland Revenue System Improvement (Asikuda) in association with Intake (a Norwegian company); Community based power generation in multiple Ethiopian towns; Forecourt management, tank cleaning, and Project study on sustainable energy such as Biofuel.

Engineering Services with talented professionals

Project Management Information Systems

BETA is planning to develop hand-held or tablet PC-based project management information systems (PMIS) and web-based software programs for use in job-related works, managing personnel and equipment on construction sites. It determines desirable functions that can be incorporated into software applications and project management tools that can play a significant role in increasing the efficiency of construction projects.

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... Automated Parking System - Installation and Maintenance

Data and IT application in Construction

Beta provides services in collecting data, development of prediction models; application of data mining techniques and business analytic tools to enhance organization's productivity, project control, cost estimation, and quality assurance. This service provides owners, clients, contractors, managers to provide data-driven insights and knowledge.

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